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Daisychain Childminding Ltd
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"Continue the good work. Both of you
deserve congratulations for the service
you provide."
S.A (Hendon)
"Thank you for the time and effort to do
a Development Record."
R.S (N2)
"I just saw your website and was
really impressed".
L.J (Barnet)
"Thanks again for having us; my son had a lovely time!"
J.N (N20)

"Daisychain takes an interest in the individual child so they
get what they need and blossom in that environment".
A.A. (Enfield)
"My child has improved concentration, benefits
from one-to-one attention. A warm and friendly
environment. partnership with parents".
A.M (EN4)
"I find Daisychain Childminding offers an excellent service,
dealing with every aspect of a child's development, fulfilling
educational and emotional needs."
L.T (N20)
"Excellent daily feedback; excellent
environment to care for and assist children.
Development via active learning, lots of fun,
courtesy and kindness, flexible. A safe
environment where children learn about playing
together and respecting differences."
"Sarah and Joe not only demonstrate their genuine love and care for the children they
look after, but they also have the sensitivity to treat each child according to their
individual needs/likes/ speed of development. My child has developed in her movement,
speech and cognition.  She is very happy and I am extremely happy to leave her as I
know she will have a good day.
Sarah & Joe work hard at creating a safe, loving environment in which children can
flourish by taking risks, experimenting and therefore learning. They are so committed,
they are constantly updating their work, play and learning resources as well as
regularly going on courses. More importantly, they are passionate about the children
they work with."

S.R.  (N12)
"Very good service; one- to- one care at
a competitive price."

K.B  (N12)
"Sarah and Joe are always so patient and really listen and act on requests. You can
tell they really enjoy looking after children and the love and warmth they express is
exactly what you want when apart from your own child. They are pro-active and
interested in developing your child physically and emotionally."

A.B. (N20)
"My daughter had such a lovely time; she was so happy
and so well looked after. Sarah and Joe have a
beautiful big house with lots of toys. They are so warm
and love all of the children they care for."

E.S.  (Ilford)
"I look forward to seeing my son's smiling face at the end of the
day. Sarah & Joe are just lovely! My son is clearly very happy-
thank you! My son has learnt a huge amount- largely due to the
wealth of expertise Sarah & Joe offer. They must be the most
highly trained childminders ever!"

J.H (East Barnet)
Our children have enjoyed especially outings to the
London Aquarium, Natural History Museum and to
Willows Farm. They also love the large garden. The
diaries with photographs are very informative, and
flexible hours are wonderful with my husband's line
of work; convenient with food, nappies etc included."

J.K (New Southgate)
"The love, warmth and security Joe and Sarah showed my son was very
genuine. I knew instantly that my baby was in the best possible care.
Their talent is also to be as supportive of the parents as they are of
the kids. I cannot recommend Daisychain highly enough. Queue to get a

J.G. (N10)
"Sarah & Joe are both very committed
to our son's needs and have a good
understanding of child development."

K.A. Whetstone N20
"Friendly, professional childminders who invest a lot
of time in their environment helping to make it a fun,
happy, safe place.
Development of speech and motor skills, increased
confidence around other children.

They plan activities for the day and know how to
monitor a child's development,
Excellent development feedback. Excellent place to
develop a child's sensory/mobility skills"

L.A. Southgate N14
"I know my child is safe, cared for and
well attended. She has learnt how to
interact with other children and is gaining
confidence in herself".

C.S. Muswell Hill N10
"Very supportive and loving atmosphere, like being looked
after at home. Superb educational material and a
wonderful garden.
My son's eating has improved a great deal since he
started at Daisychain. He is also very confident with
other children. The loving environment and personal
attention are fantastic  and I am fully confident that my
son is very happy and well cared for all day, every day.
The educational resources are excellent and the food is
healthy and nutritious."

K.R. Finchley N12
"Sarah & Joe are helping my
bilingual child with relevant books
and toys as he needs that extra
support. I am impressed by the
fact that they both continue to
attend courses and implement
what  they have learned. Support
every step of the way."

A.P. Southgate N14
"My son has advanced so much in the short time he
has been with Sarah & Joe. His awareness of the
world and everything in it and how things relate to
each other changed seemingly overnight. His social
skills are improving every day; he is clearly much
happier and at the end of every day he is
exhausted from the day's varying activities. Sarah
&  Joe clearly love children, they dedicate
themselves to the children's happiness and think
about ways to improve their happines even in their
own time."

E.O. Totteridge N20
"A lovely warm environment with
great childminders and a lovely
group of children".

N.G Finchley N12
"Carefully considered stimulation through  wide variety
of activities tailored to our daughter's needs. Delightful
couple, knowledge of child development matched by
flexibility to one's own child's needs, huge range of
available toys and very professional and caring attitude.
Daisychain is a loving and secure environment with a good
ethos of politeness and play.
Sarah & Joe will adapt to include helping with problems
identified outside their environment."

Dr D & S.R Whetstone N20
"Our son's language development has been fantastic and
his creativity is coming on.
It's a safe and loving environment where the kids of all
ages get along."

M & J.J Totteridge N20
Children and Parents make our work fun, interesting and rewarding.
Discover what our families say about us.
"Our daughter settled very quickly at
Daisychain and is always happy to be left
in the care of Sarah & Joe. Daisychain
offers a very caring and safe
environment centred around fun,
exploration and learning.
Sarah & Joe have an incredible
understanding of child development and
children's needs, which is demonstrated
in the type of care they provide."

H.R Whetstone N20
"Our son has got his needs met with all those toys and
amazing garden!! It's very unusual to find a huge garden
like theirs that  fully caters for kids, they eat healthy
foods and get to be with people who really care for them.
Telling my child we are going to Sarah & Joe's in the
morning and getting a smile in reply says it all from a 14
month old. He adores his day with his friends and Sarah
& Joe. He has learned to count, sing and knows various
funny dances. Daisychain bends over backwards to
accommodate your needs and the children's development
and needs. It's a loving affectionate laid back yet
disciplined place.""

J.Z. Muswell Hill N10
"My son's social skills have improved; he has
started eating fruits which is a major
development in his eating habits; he has
started sharing and his vocabulary has also
been enhanced since he started going to

Sarah & Joe are lovely individuals and they
understand child development. They give a lot
of one-one attention and care which makes a
lot of difference in a child's growth. Keep up
the good work!"

J.N Whetstone N20
"Great service, warm friendly family
atmosphere; they are passionate about
the kids' development.  My child is
happy, learns a lot and is always happy
when going to Sarah & Joe"

Y.B. Whetstone N20
"Daisychain is well-organized and takes good
care of the children who learn something new,
which my child looks forward to. She has
learnt about different cultures/festivals; her
behaviour and manners have improved a lot and
she has gained a lot of confidence."

D.S Southgate N14
"My daughter has developed positively in every way;
she is a very happy and sociable baby.
Daisychain is very friendly and very flexible;
there is a big range of toys for every age;
they are very helpful anf supportive to bilingual
children. They are supportive in every way especially
the monthly pictures. It is a lovely gesture and
makes a difference."

T.G East Finchely N2.
"My daughter is very happy and loves dancing and
clapping to music. We feel her development has been
enhanced while under Sarah & Joe's care.
She loves being able to mix with other children and has
the opportunity for excellent social development under
their care. Their care and enthusiasm for what they do
is excellent. The photos and text to reassure the
parent during a handover and extra little touches make
Daisychain superb. The CD photos and the way the
images are shot make you feel you are not missing out.
My daughter comes home with paintings, muddy boots
and full of love, laughter and giggles. Thank you!"

S.A. Whetstone N20
"The boys are happy to be dropped off at Sarah &
Joe's house each morning and I know that the wide
variety of educational toys has helped to further
extend & develop their imaginative play."

L.P. East Barnet EN4
"There is a large and well equipped garden which is
made use of whenever possible- this has been
particularly good for my daughter who loves being
physically active.
Sarah & Joe have also been very helpful in terms of
nursery drop offs and collections.
They have also had  very good communication,
offering times for us to contact them with
concerns/worries or just to discuss development as
well as telling us at the end of the day what my child
has done or how she has been.
Also my daughter is becoming more imaginative in her  
play and has great ideas. She has really developed
socially, understanding more about what it means to
be around others and how to respond to other
children. She is starting to realise that she cannot
always have things her way and that she has to wait
or take turns. She is also showing concern for others.
She thoroughly enjoys every day- the garden is
fantastic and perfect for her active personality with
great resources. There is so much to do and Sarah &
Joe always follow the children's lead."

E.D. New Barnet EN5
"A friendly, stimulating and safe environment for children. Our
children have been very happy here. We would say Daisychain
provide an A** childminding service. We think they provide an
excellent service."

S. & P.B Whetstone N20
"Happy place and after-school environment.
Encourages creative activities.
Active Play: frequent outdoor play and garden
Flexible, accommodating changing schedules.
Professional. Sarah & Joe are good with the children and
interact with them using a variety of activities."

B.K.  N11
"My child is very happy at Daisychain and loves Sarah & Joe so much.
We really feel like he has developed faster than his peers because of being
at Daisychain- he is crawling and cruising quicker than other babies his age
that we know, and we think it is because he wants to be  like the older
children at Daisychain and he wants to join in with their games!

It is easy to see why Daisychain is so popular and our son is clearly thriving
there. He loves being with Sarah & Joe and the other children and they all
love him too. I have already recommended Daisychain to other people and I
wouldn't hesitate to do so again."

R.C. New Barnet EN5
"My child is confident and happy when I
leave her and I know she is in a safe place.
Joe & Sarah provide a safe & happy
environment, their garden is a lovely place
for the children to play. They have a large
variety of toys and games to keep the
children entertained and interested. They
are very loving towards the children and
provide a home from home environment."

A.K. Whetstone N20
"My children have enjoyed their time at Daisychain. One
of my children is extremely shy and Daisychain helped
encouragement. Both my children regularly chat happily
about their time at Daisychain and ask to go there when
we pass by in the car.

*Incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming
*Lots of opportunity given to structured play and time
outside in the garden
*Very flexible and well-run childminding company which
gave me peace of mind that my children were happy and
well-looked after every day."

D.P. Whetstone N20
"I can tell my child enjoys his time with Sarah & Joe- he is always smiling!
My son has started to eat better being at Daisychain and he has
discovered a love for the outdoors!

I recommend Daisychain for the lovely atmosphere, caring childminders,
great toys and play space, great meals and my happy baby!"

C.F. Bushey, Herts
"Thank you doesn't begin to cover it. There aren't words
to express how grateful we are for all you have done for
our son. He's absolutely blossomed in the caring and
nurturing environment you create every day. You've given
him (and us) the tools for the next steps. Those roots are
going to give him the confidence to take it in his stride,
we have no doubt.
Thank you for every day he's been with you, the photo
memories and all the beautiful crafts he brought home to
us- we will continue to treasure them."

S.S Barnet
"My daughter just loved Sarah & Joe and has
never cried. Her favourite bit was to spend time
in the garden, water play and visits to the
Farm. She has learnt how to play and share with
other children, how to eat independently, role
play games like small world kitchen. Sarah & Joe
are lovely and professional people. They love
children and create an atmosphere of warmth
and happiness. They know a lot about child
development and psychology and use their
knowledge very well. Daisychain Childminding has
a variety of educational materials of a high
standard. We love the way the English and
multinational traditions are kept and celebrated
at Daisychain, that it's not overcrowded, offers
individual attention to the children and has a
beautiful outdoor garden space."

S.P. Whetstone N20
"My son has been very happy attending Daisychain.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
for the care and attention he has received over
the last year. He has improved in all areas of
learning: numbers, shapes, animals, colours, singing
nursery rhymes etc. I am grateful for all your love
and attention towards him."

R.M. Cockfosters